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To become a real property appraiser, you will need to obtain education and experience, and pass a state-administered licensing or certification exam.



The Maryland Chapter is part of Region VI of the Appraisal Institute along with Washington D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The foremost appraisal organization in the state of Maryland, we offer a wide range of professional courses, seminars and workshops throughout the year.

The Appraisal Institute is the acknowledged worldwide leader in residential and commercial real estate appraisal education, research, publishing and professional membership designation programs. Its extensive curriculum of courses and specialty seminars provides a well-rounded education in valuation methodology for both the novice and seasoned practitioner. Reflecting their unbiased and objective approach to real property appraisal and analysis, members of the Appraisal Institute adhere to a strictly enforced Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Appraisal Institute members may hold the prestigious MAI, SRPA and SRA designations.

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Appraisal Institute Membership Benefits

Designations Make a Difference!
Make no mistake. An Appraisal Institute designation is a hard-earned distinction achieved by only the most dedicated real estate appraisers. As a result, Appraisal Institute designations are highly respected by those seeking professional opinions of valueindividual property owners, investors, government agencies, corporations, lenders, and the courts, among others. Appraisal Institute designations differentiate the true professional from the average appraiser. Knowing that an Appraisal Institute designation identifies you as one of the best in the profession is important, but every once in a while, its nice to know "Whats in it for me?" The following section answers this question by highlighting some of the many programs and benefits that are a part of Appraisal Institute membership.

Personal Achievement and Earnings Potential
Members have repeatedly said that earning an Appraisal Institute designation is the most satisfying achievement of their careers. Going beyond the sense of accomplishment and pride, an Appraisal Institute designation brings opportunities for career growth, higher income, and professional recognition.

Enhancement of Professional Quality
Where do appraisers go when they have questions on appraisal standards, ethics, or professional practice? Guidance on these issues is available from the Appraisal Institute Ethics and Counseling Division. This division enforces the Appraisal Institutes Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and Code of Professional Ethics. Hundreds of appraisals are reviewed every year to enhance the quality of service members provide to the public.

Directory of Members
The Appraisal Institute Directory of Members is widely considered the best source for finding qualified appraisers. In an average year more than 20,000 copies are distributed to corporations, individuals, financial institutions, and other users of appraisal services. Simply placing the directory on the desk of a decision maker creates business opportunities for members!

The Finest in Appraisal Education
Almost 50,000 participants annually can attest to the fact that the Appraisal Institute provides professional training no other organization can match. A variety of educational courses, seminars, and workshops allows appraisers to meet continuing professional education requirements while staying on top of the latest in appraisal theory and technique. Tuition discounts are offered to members and affiliates.

Marketing, Promotion, & Public Relations
Through print advertising, direct mail, and trade show exhibits, the Appraisal Institute tells the marketplace that its members are the best real estate appraisers available. A variety of informational brochures are published and distributed to promote members and educate the public about the appraisal profession. These brochures are also available for purchase by members to promote their own businesses. Appraisal Institute officers are regarded as spokespersons for the appraisal profession and are often sought out and quoted by the news media. Whenever an interview is arranged and the officer is quoted in the press, the resulting publicity strengthens the reputations of all designated members. Through advertising, public relations, and other means, your chapter promotes you at the grass roots level. These efforts position members as the recognized authorities of real estate appraisal in their own communities.

The Appraisal Institutes Washington D.C. office is your advocate in our nations capital promoting member interests to Congress and other federal agencies. The State Legislation Division collaborates with the regions, states, and chapters to represent member interests, enhance the Appraisal Institutes image in state legislatures, and promote uniformity of state laws and regulations. The Appraisers Political Action Committee (APPAC) accepts voluntary contributions from members and uses these funds to support political candidates who share appraisers interests and concerns. Through APPAC, you have an opportunity to share the political processes that affect your profession.

Unequaled Professional Periodicals
Appraiser News and Appraiser News In Brief keep you up-to-date with issues and events affecting the appraisal industry as well as activity within the Appraisal Institute. The Appraisal Journal serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas providing an in-depth exploration of appraisal issues and valuation techniques. Receiving these top-quality publications is another benefit of Appraisal Institute membership. Through specialty publications such as MarketSource, a quarterly bulletin of real estate market activity, and The Quarterly Byte, dedicated to helping you get the most out of your computer, you have access to valuable information that you can use to improve service and keep ahead of the competition.

Leading Edge Publications
Knowledge is power. Appraisal Institute products and publications keep up with your changing needs and provide the power you need to get ahead in todays competitive environment. While The Appraisal of Real Estate, Appraising Residential Properties, and The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal remain the cornerstone texts of appraisal education, specialized books, monographs, and other miscellaneous readings analyze and report on the latest hot topics within the industry The Appraisal Institute now offers eleven different video titles and is developing and releasing new, user-friendly software products to help you keep up with changing technology and make the most of these ever growing media tools to meet your training needs. And remember, members enjoy discounts on every publication and product the Appraisal Institute offers!

Appraisal Library and Research Services
When faced with unique or unusual appraisal problems, you have an unparalleled resource at your disposalthe Lum Library. With extensive holdings and on-line database capabilities, the library is one of the most complete appraisal libraries in the country. You can visit the library in person or work with the research staff over the phone. They can quickly and efficiently help you find the information you need to complete your assignment. Many services are provided to members free of or at a nominal charge.

Networking Opportunities
Appraisal Institute membership provides an open forum for appraisers to share their knowledge, interests, and concerns with their colleagues. National and regional functions offer opportunities to network with peers; meanwhile, chapters offer associate memberships that present opportunities to forge and maintain important business and professional relationships within individual communities.

Insurance Programs
Through group buying power, the Appraisal Institute offers its members high quality, low cost insurance benefits including: professional liability coverage, group life, medical and disability, and employee coverage. Insurance programs are continuously reviewed to ensure that members are receiving the best coverage at the lowest premiums. While this list of services and benefits is not all-inclusive, it provides a good idea of "whats in it for you." Remember, the Appraisal Institute is your organization and strives to be responsive to your expanding interests and needs. Through its chapter and regional structure, you have grass roots participation in the decision making process on issues of importance facing the organization and your profession. Your Appraisal Institute membership helps you keep, and increase, your professional advantage in todays demanding business environment. Ongoing projects, such as the recently completed member profile and needs assessment survey, enable the organization to develop more new and exciting programs to ensure that your needs are met in the years to come.

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